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Learning Disability improved

Learning Disability improved

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I have had major health problems (i.e. slow bm, stiff joints & muscle, tension headaches, sinus & congestion, and severe lower back pains that's chronic).  Little did I know that all these health issues were related to my spine health or lack thereof. I was introduced to Dr. Jeudi a long time ago & decided to make my appointment to see her. Not only is she knowledgeable about back/spine health but also knew a lot about a naturopathic and holistic approach to health & healing. I really felt like I was a valued patient. Dr. Jeudi listened and worked with me to develop a health plan/goals to a more healthier me. Dr. Jeudi's clinic is up in Lynnwood and my family & I live down in the Renton area. Beyond Dr. Jeudi's professionalism, care, & expertise, it was her passion for healing people & helping to solve their health issues made come back time & time again!


I came in feeling sick. My eye sight was not clear. I came out much more energize, no more headache, and able to see more clearly. The following treatment, I had profound emotional and physical experiences. Unresolved past emotions had resurfaced and body was very tired and achy, felt like the body was getting rid of toxin. Then at the end of the week, my emotions resolved without any attachment. Body going from extreme intense tightness, even after 3 massage prior going to see Dr. Sky, and leaving with complete release of muscle tension.


I saw Jeudi when I was struggling with depression and a great feeling of confusion about my career. I saw her for both chiropractic and for coaching, and she exceeded my expectations on both counts. Her chiropractic was subtle and yet penetratingly deep. That, along with her coaching, completely changed my life. I'm not making this up! Jeudi recommended that I begin writing down what I have gratitude for, and to visualize my dream, every day, for 30 days. Well, I'm now on 120 days! It helped me see what is important to me in my soul. I am now working part time and doing art part-time. It's my true love! I can, without hesitation, recommend Dr. Boulom.


I had severe migraine for years and I had pain all over my body. I tried working out at the gym hoping it would help relieve the pain but it did not. Then, I went to see my family doctor for frequency of urination and abdominal pain. I was put on antibiotics and was still having the pain and frequency urination. Ultrasound came out negative. Then my dear friend insisted that I go see Dr. Jeudi, and that very first day I notice my migraine headache went away. By the third treatment I started my period again after several months of not having my cycle, and my abdominal pain went away and my face looked healthier, my migraine was gone. I was so happy. My co-workers kept asking me what I use for my face. I told them that I went to see Dr. Jeudi.


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